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Marcel Uekermann

Digital Product Designer

2011 - Present


I joined Duolingo as the first designer and fifth employee in early 2011 when it was a research project at Carnegie Mellon University and helped it grow from 0 to 15M users and counting.

As design lead I’ve built the design team of currently 4 designers and designed all aspects of Duolingo’s web application. I am currently finishing a complete redesign and rewrite of Duolingo’s frontend (HTML & CSS).



Shots is a multiplayer mobile game based on a simple premise: Guess a movie from a single still. In Shots I explored a new type of social interaction, two person game-play.

The game is currently in development on iOS but you can check out our HTML5 prototype (bring a friend).

2008 - 2011


Whatthemovie was my first social design project. I launched it with two friends as a side project in the summer of 2008.

It started as a simple quiz but it has since become a lively community for film enthusiasts and grown to over 50k users.


I’m an interactive designer originally hailing from Germany. Most recently I’ve been experimenting with synchronous (Shots) and human computation (Duolingo) centric design. When I’m not in front of a computer you can find me watching sci-fi (mostly dystopian) or you can’t find me because I’m backpacking. Write me an email. Download my CV.
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